How The Challenge Works

CSI is a scrapbooking challenge that inspires you to try new color schemes and to tell your stories. Our Case Files provide inspiration that will get you thinking about scrapbooking in a whole new way.
Challenges (called Case Files) will be revealed the 1st and 15th of each month, and will stay open the entire month.
The Case File contains the following elements:
"The Scene" - This is the inspiration image from which the color palette, inspiration, and story starters are drawn.
"The Scheme" - This is the palette of five colors you must use. You may add neutrals (black, white, kraft, cream, gray, brown) to these colors. Please try to get your colors as close to this swatch as possible, but don't drive yourself crazy or not play because you don't have the exact shade of a color. If you'd like to add an additional color to accent, please restrict it to about 10% of your page.
"Evidence" - These are elements drawn from the inspiration image that you should include on your page. They may be products, techniques, or other design ideas. Choose three (or more) to include in your layout. If you see other elements that inspire you in this picture, feel free to add those, too!
"Testimony" - This is the journaling part. Choose one (or more) elements for your journaling. The journaling elements are also drawn from the inspiration image and may be in the form of topic ideas, prompts, presentation ideas, journaling formats, or words to inspire your stories. They are meant to spark ideas for you to tell a story on your page. You can combine them, use them as a jumping-off point, or you can always use The Scene (inspiration image) as inspiration for your journaling.
"Composite Sketch" - CSI has joined forces with the The Nifty Pixel. Em Stafrace, creator of this awesome sketch site, is creating an exclusive sketch for CSI's Major Case File each month. You may interpret the elements in the design as you wish, but use the basic composition of the sketch. You may flip or rotate the sketch to suit your design.
Detailed Clues - Detailed clues for the Case Files can be found at the bottom of the Case File post, after all of the design team's layouts are displayed. The clues that are given on the Case File image are explained in more detail in this spot. Links related to the Testimony, RGB codes, and so forth are found here.
To be eligible for our sponsor's prize or to be featured as "Under Surveillance" (layouts that catch our eye and get featured on our front page), please submit your link by the posted deadlines and be sure to indicate on your blog post what Evidence and Testimony clues you used.

Don't have a blog? You can post a link from Pinterest or Flickr. 

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